How to get a New York Medical Marijuana Certification

 In New York Medical Marijuana Program

How do I get a New York Medical Marijuana Certification?

Although the New York Medical Marijuana program has been around for almost 2 years, many still don’t know how or where to get certified to become a patient in the state of New York.? To receive? your NY Medical Marijuana Certification, you must have a qualifying medical condition.

A quick summary of the steps are:

  1. See a registered provider (at a local doctor or via telemedicine with Holistic On Call) &? get certified
  2. With the patient certification form, the patient (you), will register with the state of New York.
  3. ?Wait 3-7 Days for your MMJ Card from the State
  4. Go to a dispensary and obtain products

Holistic On Call? has made it much easier for patients to obtain access with telemedicine. Instead of leaving your home, paying high prices and waiting in line, you can have a visit in your home or where your heart desires.

Below?are the steps required to conduct your first Visit with Holistic On Call.?Let’s begin…

1: ?Make sure your web browser is Google Chrome or Firefox.

2:? Visit our website,, and then click?Get Started.” Create an account with our Heally portal.

3:? Upload your Drivers License and records and then follow the prompts. You will need to?place a credit card on file. Do not worry, you will not be charged!

Your visit is free and you pay?only if you qualify.

4: ?Schedule an appointment or have an On-Demand visit. The?doctor will connect with you after you start your visit & discuss your history. Give us a?Call if you have been waiting?longer than 15 minutes.??

After the visit, you will receive your recommendation. ?Your certificate will be?uploaded in the portal, under documents.??On the second page of the certification, there are instructions on how to register with the State of New York.??You will then receive your registry ID Card via mail.

We look forward to serving you and developing a long term & healthy relationship!

Thank you,

Holistic On Call

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