Holistic On Call was founded in 2016 in an effort to bring affordable, accessible, compassionate care to chronically ill patients who may potentially benefit from the use of medical marijuana. While marijuana legalization and the practice of telemedicine are both sweeping the nation, the two very rarely work together for the convenience of chronically ill patients. Bridging that gap is the mission of Holistic On Call. It is our goal to make this treatment available to everyone who needs it, regardless of mobility, financial constraints, or scheduling challenges.

We work alongside your brick-and-mortar physician to incorporate cannabis as an adjunct to your existing healthcare protocol. This is particularly helpful in New York, where only a handful of physicians are permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. If you are a New York resident whose primary care physician is not able to prescribe cannabis, we encourage you to invite your doctor to contact us to learn how we can work together to create the optimal healthcare experience for you.

Our doctors are currently licensed to practice in California and New York. These two states have their own set of rules, both of which govern the use of marijuana for medical purposes. If you?re still unsure about whether you qualify for medical marijuana certification, start by scheduling your initial consultation with one of our board-certified doctors. If you do not qualify, you will not be charged for your visit.

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