Cannabis in Oklahoma

Medical marijuana first became legal in Oklahoma in 2018. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have applied for their Oklahoma medical card. In comparison to many other states, receiving an Oklahoma medical marijuana card is fairly easy. However, you still have to find a doctor who is eligible to recommend medical cannabis. Once you’ve visited with your doctor, you can apply online in a lengthy and complicated system ($100 without medicare). Then, you have to wait for an undefined amount of time before you hear if your application is approved. At Heally, we can streamline that process and provide you access to holistic treatment quickly and easily.

What are qualifying conditions in Oklahoma for Medical Marijuana?

Unlike many other states, Oklahoma does not have specific qualifying conditions to receive a medical cannabis card. If a doctor deems that cannabis may benefit your well-being, you’re eligible for a medical cannabis card.

How does Heally Work in Oklahoma?

To obtain your Oklahoma medical card with Heally, you must first create an account. We’ll connect you with one of our doctors in a telehealth appointment that works with your schedule. You’ll only be charged the $149 if the doctor thinks cannabis is the right treatment for you, you’ll receive a recommendation form that you can then use to submit your Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form. Please keep in mind that you will still have to pay the State Application fee which is $100 without Medicare. The Oklahoma State Health Department will mail you a marijuana card within two weeks of your certification.

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